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On windsurfing I’m since 1994. My father and sister were already into it. My father was one of the first windsurfers in Latvia, really one of few who started Funboard discipline here.

In the beginning I was on my father’s hand madden Funboard and father fiends hand madden sail, specially for me ;) Already on 1997 I was among first three in Funboard Youth. Starting from 1999 I was on Formula Windsurfing and Slalom. Till 2006 I was into competitions in these disciplines. Almost every weekend was some competitions somewhere in Baltic’s. In my facility I went for Worlds and European Championships in FW. Then Formula stuff started to feel not right for me, I was 2nd in ranking in Latvia, and I throw all brand new stuff away, actually sold ;)


Then changed team to Boards.lv Team (www.boards.lv) and focused only on Wave and Freestyle disciplines. The main focus on waves, for sure. My goal was not so much my personal achievements, but overall progress in both extreme disciplines in Latvia. The situation was actually critical; there were no competitions, no pictures and no videos.

On 2008 we made the first Latvian Wave Cup with two competitions, this year we made already 3. The last and main event is Latvian Wave Riding Championship witch was produced by my team and me. We also make videos from such competitions and our sessions. This year I managed bought a telephoto lens for making nice action pictures.

Since we have our own wave competitions, we can measure the level of windsurfing. Already for three years, I have success and I took 1st place in waves.

From year 2011 I am back on the Burusports Team (my profile) which is the main retail sports store for windsurfing, kiteboarding and sup (burusports.lv).


2018 – Pāvilosta Wave 2018, Latvian Championships, 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2018 – Vääna Wave Classic 2018, Estonian Championships, 1st place, Vääna-Jõesuu, Estonia (Wave)
2015 – Surf Pro Latvian Championships 2015, 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2014 – 1st place Latvian Wave Cup overall
2014. – Surf Pro Latvian Championships 2014, 2nd place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2014. – Point-7 Wave Estonian Championships 2014, 3rd place, Ristna, Hiiumaa island (Wave)
2012 – 1st place Latvian Wave Cup overall
2012 – Estonian Wave Riding Championship 1st place, Ristna, Hijumaa, Estonia (Wave)
2012 – Surf Pro Wave Cup 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2012 – Blender Cup 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2011 – 1st place Latvian Wave Cup overall
2011 – Teamvosa Estonian Wave Riding Championship 2nd place, Ristna, Hijumaa, Estonia (Wave)
2011 – Surf Pro Wave Cup 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2011 – Roadeks Open Latvian Wave Riding Championship 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2011 – 1st place Lithuanian Wave Riding Championship 1st place, Sventoji, Lithuanaia (Wave)
2010 – 1st place Milk&Blood 2010, Sventoji, Lithuania (Wave)
2010 – 2nd place Latvian Wave Cup overall
2009 – 1st place Latvian Wave Cup overall
2009 – Boards.lv Open Latvian Wave Riding Championship 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2009 – Nordea Estonian Freestyle Championship 5th place, Tallin,  Estonia (Freestyle)
2009 – Roadex Open Wave 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2009 – Surf Pro Wave Cup 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2009 – 29th Ice and Snow Sailing World Championship 2nd place, Latvia (Iceboard Slalom)
2008 – 1st place Latvian Wave Cup
2008 – Aloha Open Latvian Wave Riding Championship 1st place, Liepaja, Latvia (Wave)
2008 – Roadex Open Wave 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2007 – Rip Curl Wave master 1st place, Pavilosta, Latvia (Wave)
2005 – Milk & Blood Wave style 1st place, Sventoji, Lithuania (Wave)
2005 – Neilpryde Baltic Cup overall (Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Estonia) 4th place in Formula (Formula Windsurfing)
2004 – Latvian Olympic games 1st place (Formula Windsurfing)
…and many more good places in Formula Windsurfing and Slalom disciplines.


There are two spots I most like in the Baltic’s where I ride. The first unfortunaely is in Estonia, within 7 hour drive, called Ristna, best wave conditions. Second is in our homeland, called Pavilosta, within 2,5 hour drive. I never let an opportunity to go to these places, its give so much positive energy after sessions in these places…


Starting from August of year 2007, I have my own blog, the address is: www.lat168.lv, just like my sail number. The starting idea was to keep in one place all news, which I sent to my sponsors thru e-mail. In the year 2010 there have been 18 000 visits, each day about 50 people. The only one webcam situated by biggest lake Kisezers in Riga is shown only in
my blog.

You can find information about me in the free internet encyclopedia – Wikipedia. See the article here. Article by Laura Plūmiņa.

E-mail: krish(at)lat168.lv
Skype: krish168