When the sea is frozen.

Paldies Kasparam Gardam, kurš laipni samontēju pašfilmēto video noteriālu. Filmēts gan ar spoguļkameru, gan GoPro, gan iPhone.

When the sea is frozen from Kaspars Garda on Vimeo.

For a while, few times during the winter I grab my snowboard and attach it to sail. It’s super fun when it’s windy and small sail. I did all old-school Spock tricks, but sure it’s possible to do new-school as well. It’s even possible to do a loop, if a kicker and soft landing is made.

If you aim to build the windsurfing sail attachment, you can follow steps in my blog: lat168.lv/2012/02/01/how-to-attach-windsurfing-sail-to-snowboard/. And you could consider to make two of them, so it’s possible to change sides as well.

Krisjanis thanks his sponsors AB Technology, Grandus, Burusports, Hotsails Maui, Fanatic, ION, CAAS, MUF.

Song: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Better Days.

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