How to attach windsurfing sail to snowboard

When wintertime has come, we have to think about different  expressions of windsurfing. And one of them is snowsurf (so we call it). Actually it’s possible to do a lot of crazy things with it, mostly fteestyle. It’s also possible to build a kicker and jump. Forwardloop is the first one witch we have tried, but there is a thought also about Pushloop!

Now I will try to describe how to attach windsurfing sail to snowboard without damaging the board. I made a drawing with the main measurements.

In the beginning I build one sail hold. So I can go one side in normal stance, other switch stance. And if I want to change she sides, I can turn the bindings to other side.
I used a 16mm plywood, necessary size 400x200mm peace of it. I chose to put Chinook two bolt mast base on the hold. Because the same I use on the water and it allows to change the screws for shorter.

I bought screws such as:

Special nuts for wood M8, 15.6mm x2 peaces  and screw with six edges M6, 20mm x2, booth for mounting the mast base. Special nuts I put in the plywood and original Chinook screws I changed to shorter ones.
Cross driver screws for bindings M6, 35mm x4 peaces, wich I put instead of original binging screws. So I can put the plywood between snowboard and bindings.

There will come several pictures with manufacturing process:

Smoothen the front of the hold, so the snowboard will not be damaged when snowboard bends.

I made a depth for the nuts, so snowboard will not be scratched.

I made 10 6mm holes, so I can put the mast base in 3 different positions – P1, P2 and P3.

Hold weights 750 grams.

Here comes the magic result. Only thing remaining, I have to test it in the action :) But the distance between mast base and the middle of the bindings is already tested!

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